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Picture. Sound. Web.

It's that simple. I am a creative content creator living every day with a passion for sounds, images, technology, and our beautiful mother nature at heart.

Manage Products and creating the content of sounds and pictures is what I do.

Professionally - Product manager with many years of experience in startups and enterprises.
At the inside - enthusiast of everything that surrounds us.

Because quality is not debatable. I tend to use only the best in class hardware and software.

Latest completed project

Distant Dream - Waiting for Silence (Official Live Video)

Huge thanks to the Distant Dream band for trusting me with the production of a short video clip from a live performance they gave June 2019.

This movie was produced entirely by myself. The footage was captured with Canon 6D MkII camera as the primary source and 4 additional cameras. For editing and animation, I have put my trust in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects (as a part of Adobe Creative Cloud subscription pack). The track was mixed by a band member while I processed the audio mastering with use of Avid Pro Tools.
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